4 Top Spring Break Destinations for Your Entire Family and BigMouth Floats You'll Want to Take Along

4 Top Spring Break Destinations for Your Entire Family and BigMouth Floats You'll Want to Take Along

It’s March and that means Spring, or most importantly Spring Break, for colleges and grade schools across the country. If we had to guess, you’re likely planning a trip somewhere to celebrate a few days off from school, but what you didn’t know was that where you are headed is only half as important as what you bring along with you. We’re talking about pool floats, people!

It’s March and that means Spring, or most importantly Spring Break, for colleges and grade schools across the country. If we had to guess, you’re likely planning a trip somewhere to celebrate a few days off from school, but what you didn’t know was that where you are headed is only half as important as what you bring along with you. We’re talking about pool floats, people! 

We’ve reviewed some of the most popular Spring Break destinations in the United States and picked the perfect BigMouth pool float for each location. Of course, none of this to say you can’t bring all our crazy pool floats along. Let’s face it, when they’re deflated you can stuff a ton of them in your carry-on.  

Ready for Spring Break

Warmer weather is just around the corner and with that notion comes several days out of school to enjoy what’s long been referred to as ‘Spring Break’.  

Whether you’re a worn-out college student ready for some drunken days in the sun, or a family of four excited for the first of many upcoming vacations, Spring Break is a highly anticipated and much appreciated break before the end of the school year.  

We’ve picked out a few of our favorite Spring Break destinations across the country and paired them with the ideal BigMouth Inc. pool float to tag along.  

These pool floats are more than just your average pool floatation device. No, they’re the perfect photo op to share your vacation fun on Instagram.  

No matter if you’re by the beach catching waves, lounging in a pool somewhere, or with a group of friends on the lake, we’ve got you covered with an ideal float for every location.  

1. Palm Trees in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, California is known for its hot springs, stylish, boutique hotels, and plethora of golf courses and spas. You might even be familiar with the notorious music and arts festival, Coachella, that happens every April only about 24 miles outside of Palms Springs in the Coachella valley.  

With all the fun things to do, Palm Springs is a great place to visit during Spring Break for families, couples, and college students alike.  

And the perfect travel companion for a destination coined “Palm Springs?” Our Palm Tree Pool Float.  

woman sitting in a giant inner tub pool float that looks like a palm tree

2. Balloon Animals in Miami Beach 

Picture this: You’re sitting at the seaside or by the pool this Spring Break. It’s hot, the music is bumping, and you’re chilling on a Giant Balloon Animal pool float soaking it all in.  

giant red balloon animal dog tube pool float

It’s all a bit over the top, but isn’t that the epitome of Miami Beach, FL? Larger-than-life hotels, world-renowned nightlife, gorgeous beaches, and delicious food. 

Really, what would pair better? We’ll wait.  

If you’re looking for a more outrageous choice for your Spring Break experience, there’s no better place than Miami Beach! There’s also no better companion for your shenanigans than a giant balloon animal pool float. 

3. Cheeseburger in Paradise  

Jimmy Buffet said it best when he said, “I’m just a cheeseburger in paradise.”  

And if you’re looking to see exactly what that means then for starters you’ll want to head to Myrtle Beach, SC for your Spring Break vacation this year. Myrtle Beach really does have something for everyone. It’s a popular location for visitors of all ages, and although you can’t count on warm weather during Spring Break this time of year, you can count on a good time.  

Our suggestion: Take a trip to the actual restaurant called Cheeseburger in Paradise. Then check out the miles of sandy beaches, the numerous shops, and everything in between. We’ve heard the Sky Wheel is fun, too! 

And just for giggles, take our Cheeseburger pool float with you to chill poolside.  

giant cheeseburger tube pool float

4. Wilmington Sharks  

Wilmington, NC is another exciting Spring Break destination on the East coast and it’s perfect for the entire family! It’s a bit more relaxed than the likes of Myrtle Beach, but still buzzing with tons of attractions.  

Wrightsville, Carolina, and Kure are some of the more popular beaches in the area, but a quick 30-minute drive North or South of Wilmington will find you miles of more gorgeous coastline to enjoy.  

Take a trip to visit the Fort Fisher Aquarium for the day or explore the River Walk along the Cape Fear River downtown.  

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to bring along our Shark Saddle Seats to enjoy whenever you’re at the beach or pool.  

man sitting on a shark saddle seat pool float

No matter where you’re going or how you’re spending your upcoming Spring Break vacation, you’re sure to bring the fun when you’ve brought BigMouth along.  

BigMouth takes every day, mundane items and makes them into something funny. The best part? There’s always something for everyone in your family.  

Don’t forget to tag us in any of your Spring Break shenanigans by using the hashtag #cuzitsfunny.