8 Perfect Props For Your 2022 Halloween Costumes

8 Perfect Props For Your 2022 Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner!  And BigMouth is here to help take your costumes to the NEXT level. Here are 8 ideas to perfect your 2022 Halloween costume and 'give ‘em pumpkin to talk about'.

Halloween is just around the corner! 

And BigMouth is here to help take your costumes to the NEXT level.

Fact: It’s 2022. 

No longer will a simple shirt and jeans win you the costume of the year.

We suggest taking your costumes to the championship level by adding a little bit of pizzazz. 

How do you get that pizzazz exactly?

Accessorizing of course - the BigMouth way! 

Here are 8 ideas to perfect your 2022 Halloween costume and 'give ‘em pumpkin to talk about'.

1. The Lunky Lumberjack

Man dressed as a lumberjack for Halloween

Planning to go as a Lumberjack this year?

Well, get ready to give the other costumes the ‘ax’ when you show up with BigMouths Channel The Flannel Coffee Mug! 

BigMouth Inc coffee mug designed to look like a man wearing a flannel shirt

This macho mug can hold 20 oz. of your favorite coffee...or whatever lumberjacks like to drink.

2. Heavenly Angel 

Girl holding a giant pool float that looks like angel wings

Have you been naughty or nice? If you chose the latter or the two, then perhaps you'll go as an angel for Halloween...and that's where BigMouth's Giant Angels Wings Pool Float comes in!

Whether you’re going as an angel, fairy or even a butterfly - This angelic set of wings is the perfect fit. 

It even has a cute lil’ heart cutout in the lower back (awwwww). 

3. Crazy Cat Lady

Double your pleasure, double your fun… 

Get two cat accessories instead of just one! 

Young girl holding a giant Inflat-A-Pal in the shape of a kitten

If you frequently sport a cat costume for Halloween (you know who you are) this will make the purrr-fect addition. 

Now’s your chance to take your costume to the next level with our Crazy Cat Lady Mug and/or Kitten Inflat-A-Pal! 

Woman drinking from a mug shaped like a cat's paw that says Crazy Cat Lady on the front

Basic cat costume? We think not.

4. The 'Grill' Sergeant


Man wearing a camo apron with pockets for 6 cans of beer

The Grill Sergeant has entered, with the most tactical and practical way to heat up the party. 

Okay, okay - at ease cadet. 

This BigMouth Inc. best-seller is bound to be the talk of your Halloween party.

An accessory, or full costume? We’ll let you decide. 

Get ready to grill up the good times, with the sergeant apron holding all your goods - yes we mean beer. 

One size fits all

5. Star of the Luau 

To the tiki bar! 

BigMouth’s Giant Hula Skirt Pool Float is way more than just your typical floaty.

It also makes the perfect Hula Girl accessory for halloween!

Woman wearing a giant pool float around her waist designed to look like a hula skirt

Typical grass skirts fray or fall apart.

Our Hula Skirt Float will not. 

3 feet wide and easy to inflate/deflate.

6. The Talk of the Senior Center

Coffee mug that looks like a prescription pill bottle

Ah! Just what the doctor ordered… a nice big mug of prescription pills! 

Nah! We’re only joking.

Pour 12 oz. of whatever your heart desires into BigMouth's Prescription Pill Bottle Mug. 

It’s the prescription that cures anything that ails.

And makes the perfect add-on to your 2022 grandpa costume.

7. Mario Party

2 men wearing Mario and Luigi costumes

Alright! Let’s-a-go. It's me, Mario!

BigMouths Mushroom Inflat-A-Pal is sure to be the life of the Mario party... 

This "toad" is a cozy and plush inflatable pillow that can be taken anywhere--indoors or outdoors! 

Giant Mushroom Inflat-A-Pal

The perfect Halloween companion? Sure, why not!

8. Tiny Hands...That's All. 

We think these BigMouth Tiny Hands pretty much speak for themselves.

Tiny Hands equal big laughs. Guaranteed. 

Man wearing tiny hands

These ultra-realistic mini-props are a hilarious way to surprise (or creep out) your fellow halloween party-goers. 

Just hold onto them, and be sure to conceal your real hands for the full effect. 

The possibilities are endless when you go “hands-on.” 


So, what BigMouth accessory will you use to upgrade your Halloween costume?