How To: Hosting an Adult Easter Egg Hunt

How To: Hosting an Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Who says an Easter egg hunt has an age limit? Those days of watching kiddo's hog all the fun of searching for colorful eggs filled with prizes has come to an end. But how does one host an Easter egg hunt for adults only? The rules are simple. Follow these tips below and you will be hopping your way to an eggs-cellent Easter holiday! 

First, let us clarify what we mean by “adult.” In this case, we are thinking 21+ since some of the prizes in our BigMouth Adult Easter Egg Hunt are of the boozy variety, but don’t feel you have to limit yourself, like we said, there’s really no age limit for Easter egg hunts anyway! 

Pick a perfect spot

If you want to go the traditional route, your front or backyard will work fine as the location for your Easter egg hunt, however, if you’re looking to ramp up the intensity then you should seek out venues that have tons of hiding places, decoys, and distractions. A park, for instance, could serve as a unique backdrop for an adult Easter egg hunt. Perhaps, moving the party indoors isn’t such a bad idea either...if you’re up for some added chaos.

You’ll need eggs

After you’ve found a location, you will need to buy some Easter eggs. Eggs for Easter egg hunts are not typically hard to find, however, we suggest using larger eggs for an adult Easter egg hunt so that you can fit larger prizes inside. Here is a link to an assortment of jumbo eggs.  

We suggest finding the eggs you will be using before picking out the goodies you want to put in them. Once you find your Easter eggs, it’s easier to know that everything will fit properly inside them.  

It could be fun to get eggs in varying sizes, too! Different sized eggs make the prize pool even that much more of a guessing game for participants.  

Now add some prizes

Here’s where things can get more interesting and where you’re likely to see the most differences between an adult Easter egg hunt and those that cater to kids.  

What you stuff your Easter eggs with is completely up to you, but we suggest a solid variety of gags, booze, and even some cash. Here are a few of the prizes we included in our Adult Easter egg hunt that might be fun to include in your own: 

  • Poop Soap on Rope - We know it looks bad but hear us out. This turd-shaped bar of soap does get you clean and even though it looks like it smells like crap, it's surprisingly quite delightful. Hey, at the very least it's good for a laugh. 
  • Buster’s Hide-A-Key Dog Poop - This decoy dog doo is a mini-safe for your keys. With true-to-life texture, size, and coloring, no one will ever know that the underside is a backup key for your house, garage, or shed. 
  • Blasted Shot Glass Set - Taking a shot by yourself can sure make you feel like an asstronaut. We’re over the moon about our new shot glass set, so grab two more buds and find “space” for a little toast. They’re real glass, and thanks to the rocket ship design, are a lot less likely to get tipped over while you’re getting tipsy. 
  • Nanas Boobies and Beer Holder - Cold beer? Check. Dry hands? Check. Boobs? Double check. Our best-selling beer holder looks like Nana knitted it herself—just for you. It’s a great gift for the man’s man. 

The prize possibilities are endless. K-cups for the coffee lover in your life, a few five-dollar bills, or Apple air pods, if your budget allows for that, can all make for perfect options to include in your Easter eggs.  

BigMouth has tons of other products perfect for stuffing in the eggs for an adult Easter egg hunt that you definitely need to check out! 

Hide the Easter eggs

By now you can see that hosting an adult Easter egg hunt isn’t so different from that of any traditional egg hunt you’ve seen before. With that said, the hiding of the eggs is done similarly to what you’re likely used to...with a few twists.  

Since you’re hiding these Easter eggs for an older generation you can get more creative with hiding spots. In BigMouth’s Adult Easter egg hunt you can see we put eggs in the waterspout against the house, some eggs were put up higher since most adults can reach higher places and other eggs were put lower to the ground.  

Pro Tip: Matching the color of an Easter egg to the spot you plan to hide it makes the egg blend in and more difficult to find.  

Start searching!

Finally, it’s time to start your adult Easter egg hunt! This last step is obvious, no doubt, but you’re now ready to start hunting for those eggs.  

You can opt to stay the traditional route where everyone searches for eggs in a frenzy until each Easter egg has been found, or you can make things more interesting.  

It could be fun to raise the stakes by awarding an extra prize to the person who finds the most Easter eggs. Another non-traditional method of hunting for your Easter eggs could be to have each participant hunt for their eggs solo but put a time-limit on how long they get to search. The possibilities are endless! 

If you decide to get creative and host your own adult Easter egg hunt let us know how it goes. Happy Easter and ‘hoppy’ hunting!