Family-FUN Fusion: BigMouth Inc. introduces officially licensed NFL Outdoor Collection for 2025!

NFL pool floats

BigMouth Inc., the celebrated novelty gift brand renowned for its fun and humorous products, including giant pool floats, inflatable backyard sprinklers, floor loungers, tailgating accessories, pet floats, and sprinklers, has licensed with the NFL, a trailblazer in the Sports Licensing Industry, to create a line of inflatables for the whole family. Merging BigMouth's flair for transforming ordinary items into moments of shared laughter with the NFL, committed to enriching family moments around a shared love of their favorite teams all throughout the year.

At the heart of BigMouth Inc. are the values to infuse joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments into everyday life. With a sharp eye for emerging trends, their dynamic team consistently crafts products that amplify fun, transforming outdoor or indoor events into memories, making every moment special. #cuzitsfun

[Spokesperson of BigMouth Inc.] shared, "Our desire to creating unique lifestyle products like pool floats and other outdoor accessories aligns seamlessly with the NFL. This collection is an opportunity to amplify our brand's purpose—transforming the ordinary into fun, shareable moments and to bring families and friends together."


**Highlights of the Collection Lineup Include**:

  • Pool Floats
  • Giant Inflatable soft and cozy floor loungers
  • Inflatable beverage or food cooler floats
  • Soft Top Foam Pool Noodles
  • Soft Top inflatable pool noodles
  • Backyard Sprinklers 
  • Pet Pool Floats (made with paw-resistant material)
  • Beach Balls
  • Water Cannons
  • Pool Loungers
  • Snow Tubes

For more about BigMouth Inc. & the NFL collaboration, please reach out to Heidi Ong at

A sample showing of the NFL Collection will be at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show (January 24-26) in Vegas, booth #8124.

About BigMouth Inc.:

BigMouth Inc. is a novelty gift leader, celebrated for turning everyday moments into shared laughter and joy. From pool floats and inflatable sprinklers to floor pillows and tailgating accessories, their commitment to quality and innovation resonates with consumers everywhere.

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