Candy Sling Seat Pool Float
Candy Sling Seat Pool Float

Candy Sling Seat Pool Float

Relax and Unwrap

This Giant Candy-shaped Sling Seat is the best of both worlds, letting you float effortlessly yet keep your body submerged at the same time. With a comfy mesh seat and inflatable arm rests, this inflatable delivers zero-gravity floatation underneath the water’s surface to keep you cool when the summer sun is relentless..

The float features BigMouth’s BIG Easy Valve™ technology for faster, frustration-free fill-ups and incredibly quick deflation with no valve squeezing required! Simply inflate it, sit in the center mesh seating zone and chillax—the float does all the work. 

  • It’s a 3-foot / 1m Candy-shaped Sling Seat!
  • Keeps you cool with the feeling of zero-gravity floatation
  • Mesh seat with inflatable arm rests Great for the pool, beach, or lake
  • Comfortable, ultra-durable SmoothTouch™ vinyl construction
  • BIG Easy Valve™ technology for fast, frustration-free fill-ups and deflation
  • Compact deflated size for off-season storage