7 Water Games for a Fun and Interactive Outdoor Kids Party

7 Water Games for a Fun and Interactive Outdoor Kids Party

Summer is right around the corner, and it’s getting hot, hot, hot! School is out, the kiddos are at home, and spending quality time with friends and family await. As the temperatures rise, so does the need for some fun outdoor activities. It’s important to find ways to keep kids active and engaged during these hot summer months, and an outdoor water party is the perfect way to do so, BigMouth style, of course. 

These 7 interactive water games and sprinklers will leave you with plenty of inspiration to create the best party setting for the kids!

1. Award Winning Pool Slides

Gather your friends and get ready to celebrate summer! Our rainbow pool slide has been awarded as one of 2023’s top summer toys, and believe us when we say it’s true! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to slide down a rainbow to see what’s on the other side, now is your chance. Simply inflate, attach to any standard garden hose, watch as the water shoots out from the sides and place on the edge of the pool for a big splash of summertime fun! 

2. Tunnel Sprinklers

There’s no better way to cool off than with one of our tunnel sprinklers! This is a great way to encourage kids to run, jump and play while cooling off at the same time.  Set up the sprinkler in an open area, then let them run through the tunnel with their friends chasing behind them! Grab our strawberry or rainbow tunnel sprinkler, attach to your standard garden hose, and host the best backyard party ever!

3. Splash Slides

Gather the kids around and have them take turns using one of our splash slides! Nothing says summer like the neighborhood kids screaming with excitement while sliding down an 18 foot long slide. Equipped with a matching sled, ensure the kiddos an epic ride at top speed. Available in a variety of styles, including popsiclemonsterllama and more, they’re suited for every theme. The best part: there’s no inflation required! Simply unroll, add water, and let the kids go crazy. 

4. Giant Sprinklers

What could be more exciting than to feature a giant, 7 foot tall sprinkler at your next backyard party? Featuring multiple soak zone areas, these are sure to keep you and the family cool on some of the hottest summer days. With designs like a pink elephantbig green dinosaur, and purple ape, they’re perfect for adding an extra touch of fun and decoration to your backyard.

5. Splash Pads

Let the kids go crazy at their next backyard party and splash freely in some of our splash pads! With so many adorable designs including an octopusdinosaurstrawberry and more, collect them all to provide a mini water park at home. With multiple different sprinkler spray zones and a shallow pool, the kids are guaranteed to have fun in the sun while staying supper cool!

6. Lil’ Sprinklers

Just over 2 feet tall, our mini sprinklers are perfect for the little ones. Have the kids run around the soak zones to stay cool in the summer heat! Available in multiple designs including a rubber duckymushroom, and skunk, these mini sprinklers are ideal for any outdoor kids party. Simple inflate, attach to any standard garden hose, and watch the kids run around and stay occupied!

7. Ring Sprinklers

If you’re looking for a perfect addition to your next summer outdoor party, look no further. Our ring sprinklers are a great way to keep the kids occupied for hours! With multiple spray zones, ensure the little ones stay cool and entertained. With adorable designs including a giraffedinosaur, and unicorn, there are sprinklers for everyone. To keep things ultra fun, each ring sprinkler comes equipped with a matching beach ball to throw through the top ring. Have the kids create their own game, or keep track of how many times they can toss it through without dropping the ball!

No matter what fueles your inspiration for your outdoor kids party, you’re sure to bring the fun when you’ve brought BigMouth along. 

BigMouth takes every day, mundane items and makes them into something funny. The best part? There’s always something for everyone! 

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