Pool And Backyard Pet Products To Have Fun In The Sun

Pool And Backyard Pet Products To Have Fun In The Sun

BigMouth is excited to announce our new summer pet products. Make a splash with our all-new pet sprinklers, canopy beds, pool floats, splash pools, and more coming soon!

Don’t let the dog days of summer get you down! Our latest pet product launch will have your furry friends doggy-paddling in style and fetching some serious compliments from the neighborhood pups. With longer days ahead, the kiddos home from school, and endless BBQ scraps to beg for— no one thrives quite like a dog in the summertime.

BigMouth is doggone delighted to announce the newest launch of our summer pet products. Get ready to make a splash with our all-new pet sprinklers, canopy beds, pool floats, and splash pools. Check out the full collection here and make the most of this summer with your four-legged furballs!  

Pet Sprinklers  

Sure, pools and lakes and other bodies of water are cool and all… but flying water? Now, that’s special. Dogs can’t help but feel happy when there’s water shooting at them from every direction. I mean, can we really blame them? These awesome new sprinklers are equipped with high-end mechanics and materials for optimal performance and longevity. With options like a giant tennis ball and adorable fire hydrant, dogs will be in their happy place all summer long.  

BigMouth is excited to offer pet backyard sprinklers for your pups to cool off and play in all day. If your dog loves to play catch, a giant tennis ball backyard sprinkler is sure to get them excited like no other. This massive ball is bright, bold, and the perfect size for hours of entertainment. Just hook it up to a hose and watch on as your pooch runs in circles and wears himself out.   

We also offer a red fire hydrant sprinkler for all the dogs who can’t get enough of marking their territory on any and everything. This backyard pet sprinkler expels water out of three sides, making it the ideal choice for those with multiple dogs or kids. Summertime sprinklers are perfect for backyard parties and will keep the animals and children smiling until the sun goes down.  

Red Fire Hydrant Dog Sprinkler and Giant Tennis Ball Dog Sprinkler

Pet Hard Side Splash Pools 

Labs and retrievers are woofing with excitement all over the world for this next one. Pet hard side splash pools are your dogs’ new favorite pastime. Whether they’re escaping the heat or gulping down water by the gallon, splash pools are your pups’ personal oasis for the summer.   

Carefully built with a solid foundation and high-quality materials, splash pools are a reliable and fun addition to any backyard. Simply fill them up and play all day! When your pup passes out from the exciting day, just open the spicket to drain. Pet splash pools are an effortless upgrade to any outdoor space and are sure to put a slobbery smile on your dog’s face.   

Why purchase a kiddie pool when you can get a doggie splash pool? Our hard side splash pools are built to last and supreme quality to guarantee fun for years. Pet splash pools are great for yards of any size and can be easily transported to a friend's backyard party or even a beach vacation!   

We offer our hard side splash pools in two vibrant styles to choose from. For a fun and playful option, try the summer pattern hard side dog pool. Complete with beachballs, treats, and other summer essentials, this pet splash pool is great for a pup that has endless energy.

We also offer our pet backyard pools in a vibrant and modern rainbow pattern splash pool. This style is perfect for blending in seamlessly with the existing yard and a super fun way to add some life to your outdoor spaces.  

 Dog Rainbow Hard Side Splash Pool and Dog Summer Print Hard Side Splash Pool

SPF Canopy Beds 

For the old-timers and lazy dogs out there, boy do we have something special for you! Nap the day away in one of our SPF Elevated Canopy Beds. With protection from the harsh rays and a canopy-style raised bed, your pups will be sleeping in style this summer.  

Let’s face it, spending hours on end jumping through sprinklers and doggy-paddling like your life depends on it isn’t for everyone. These canopy beds are for the dogs who have been there, done that, and just want some freaking peace and quiet. Let your dog live their best life this summer with some much-needed R&R, and enjoy the serenity for yourself as well! 

For this product launch, BigMouth is happy to offer two fun and adorable options to choose from. One of our most popular styles for beach and pool gear is the watermelon pattern canopy bed. Nothing says summer quite like watermelon! These raised outdoor dog beds have a soft, high-quality bed making up the guts of the watermelon, and a SPF protecting shade as the rind. They pair nicely with so many other watermelon products offered by BigMouth, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to have a fully matching backyard pool and pet set. 

Our outdoor shaded dog beds also come in the adorable mushroom style elevated dog bed. This elevated pet bed features a polka dot sunroof and neutral pet canopy resembling an Amanita muscaria mushroom (without all the poison, of course). This backyard pet set up is the perfect addition to bring to the beach or a pool day to keep your pup shaded while sleeping the day away! 

Mushroom SPF Dog Canopy Bed and Watermelon SPF Canopy Bed

Pet Pool Floats 

Sorry men, dogs have a new best friend in town. That’s right, Pet Pool Floats have made their way to BigMouth once again, and we couldn’t be more yappy about it. That same quality you know and love for human floats, now in doggy form!  

It doesn’t get much better than watching your pup float away their worries on an inflatable pineapple (pst… we also have many matching adult-sized floaties if you want to twin with your pup). Forget hot girl summer, it’s clear that the summer of ’23 will be all about our furry friends.  

Here at BigMouth, we know a thing or two when it comes to pool floats. And our pet pool floats are no different. Choose from our current selection of three fun dog floaties so your pup can do summer right.

For those who want a matching pet backyard set, our red fire hydrant sprinkler pairs perfectly with the fire hydrant pet pool float. Just be sure your dog doesn’t accidentally mistake it for a real one, there’s probably enough pee in the pool already.  

Another adorable option is our pink donut dog pool float; which also matches many of our human-sized pool floats! With its super cute colors and sturdy base manufactured with top-of-the-line textiles, this pet floaty checks every box.   

Lastly, we’re ecstatic to offer our pineapple doggie pool float for the pups that love to make a statement. This bright and exciting pineapple print is a great way to stand out this summer. It makes for a pretty cute Instagram photo too, if we do say so ourselves! Bring it with you to the lake so your pup can enjoy the soft waves, or use it as a jumping obstacle for your pet to enjoy at the pool. Dog floaties are an essential to doing summer right. 

Pink Donut Dog Pool Float, Red Fire Hydrant Dog Pool Float, and Pineapple Dog Pool Float

If you’ve got a lake day or beach trip in your future, pet floaties are a must to keep your dog comfortable and happy. For our high maintenance doggos, these pet pool floats can even be used as beds to keep the sand and heat off your pup. For dog floaties that are versatile, high-quality, and aesthetically adorable, BigMouth has got you covered. For more ways to shop for all of BigMouth’s pool and backyard pet products, check out our Amazon storefront or at a local PetSmart nearest you! 

It’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the weather with your dogs, and our new line of pet products will help you make the most of it! From sprinklers to pool floats, and everything in-between, BigMouth’s products are designed to keep your pets cool, comfortable, and entertained all season long. Treat your four-legged friends to some pawesome gear today, but don’t be surprised if they start ignoring you for their newfound summer obsessions!    

Stay Tuned For More 

More pool and backyard pet products coming soon! If you like these summer dog products, you’ll love what we have in store for the rest of the summer! We have our next summer pool pet products launch coming in just a couple of months. Stay tuned for all-new lick mats, pet treat bags, and food bowls! Subscribe to our email list and follow along on our socials (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest) for all the latest updates and exciting new products. 

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